you shoot me in a dream

you better wake up and apologize

But I ain't no madman.
Charles Bronson in the Great Escape

"Sorry I missed your call. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Have a nice day."


Tobi Wong? Fucking Charlie Chan
bought perfume
punched Eames
breaking and entering
verbally threatened several people
brandished a weapon
bit Arthur
murdered a sheep

bought perfume
punched Eames
helped out a lady in distress
told the truth
murdered a sheep
bought flowers
fed a cat

...there's more. Think this is more than enough though.

Stuck to her leg
text; poor, poor attempt at a private to Mr. Eames

HeEy Eemes I---
end; yeah...that's it


[There's a relatively noisy bar, but it is easily chalked up to the fact that the network device is in someone's hand as he walks from the can. Charlie Feathers grade rock and roll is blasting. There are a few sets of feet on a dance floor. Oops. Almost drops the gadget. Phew. Good save. Now it will be held up higher to prevent that from happening again. The effect is less gut wrenching.]

Mr. Eames. You're a pile of horse shit. Lookit what you're missing.

[It's not the Blue Light, it's another rather less kept establishment. Swaying steps end at the bar.]

Here! Here's our buddy. [Audible pause. He almost says something he shouldn't.] It's [hyuk] Mr.-Mr. Orange. [The man is clearly inebriated too. He waves at the camera which is very much in his face to show freckles on his nose.] What the fuck is wrong with you, why would you wanna miss out? [Teeth! Mr. Orange's teeth. Okay zooming out.]

And over here--[there's a shot glass pyramid in the words that the network device sees for a second] here is Mr. Pink. [Bug eyed and mustachoed Mr. Pink is not so drunk. How nice to not have such a close frame, even when he is speaking:] This is the best fucking use of my time in the past year I've lived in this shithole.

[Whoever is filming, it isn't hard to guess at this point with the usual suspects, laughs. Okay, okay. He shows himself. It's Mr. White! Not surprising. And he is three sheets to the wind.]

Night two, [he holds up two thick fingers like a peace sign grinning like a fool] and you-you're fucking losing out!

Untitled by Mr. White---work in progress, Rated: Teen +, Western karma.Collapse )

....that's all I got so far. I was thinking of writing it out by hand. Sure wouldn't take so fucking long.

Stuck to her leg
....Now we really know it's a dog eat dog city.

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Charles Bronson in the Great Escape

Just a house. Nothing to it. Stroll in say hi, say goodbye and then stroll on out. 

[wind blowing a little and a few walking steps]

Don't make house like these anymore. All new and refurbished shit. I can see the appeal. If you don't take care of it, it'll turn out like this dump.

[shutters blow in the wind and smack against the sides of the house. How delightful.]

In the summertime when the weather is fi
I only been here for one winter. From what I've seen it gets cold like any other place. I don't think that it needs a whole damn new wardrobe. Peanuts really from what I've seen. Don't go turning down free shit on my behalf. That's the least that the City can do.

When are they gonna give out cars? I wanna be around for that day.

On Guard
I dunno if anyone else noticed but shit is just as exciting and intense in black and white as it is technicolor. Feel like I should put that out there. Case you forgot.

I wasn't alive when movies didn't have sound. Guess I'm gonna start dating myself in a second but listen up. About the time I was growing up films finally went to color. Just nothin' but detail. You still get a whole damn story. Gotta be lookin' a certain way.

Don't go thinkin' that I liked it. I didn't. It was liveable though.

Whadda you mean you don't tip?

I know at least two lovely ladies who would be interested in a little something. I happen to find myself with two bottles of perfume and both of you get first pick, if not then I'll find someone else to pass em along to.

One's called Laugh Often and the other one's Imari? Imari something. Anyway I thought they smelled nice.

Making a getaway

[Mr. White comes on the screen, the view is from the far left of the dashboard. He's got a white button down shirt on with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow and his collar open, it's a casual but put together kind of a look. He sits up a bit to look in the mirror and wipes something off of his chin and looks to the other side, satisfied he starts the engine.

I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot he deputy~]

..Hah. [It's a short, incredulous laugh somehow not too full of mirth even though he's showing teeth.] That's just---[The man shakes his head as a resolved look settles onto his face. Lips close to a solid line as he puts on sunglasses.]

Enough of that shit.

[He chances the radio dial. Fleetwood Mac's You Make Lovin' Fun comes on and it is somehow more agreeable. Mr. White doesn't smile again though.]

If it ain't one thing. It's the other.


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